Moving On

Once your loved one is stable enough, it’s important for both of you to get back to the life you once knew. It can be hard to make the transition, especially when dealing with a transplant is always on your mind. But if you take it step by step, you can make the transition successfully.

First, figure out what you enjoy in life. Then you and your loved one should both try doing those things, without thinking about the transplant as much as possible.

Sometimes it’s hard for a care partner to step away from their role as a caregiver. But finding a new role that you can step into (like becoming a soccer coach or volunteering at your local library) can help you move on.

Although you should both try to put your roles on the back burner, that doesn’t mean you no longer have transplant responsibilities. Part of living with a new organ is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and your loved one will need encouragement. A good way to help them stay healthy is to get on a similar regimen. Your loved one can also work with their transplant team and dietitian to get tips on nutrition, exercise, and taking their medication.