Year One

In the first year after a transplant, it can be hard to adjust back into a normal routine while maintaining care for your loved one.

Due to the risk of rejection, your loved one will be monitored by doctors constantly. There will be a lot of tests and check ups to go to, and it can be stressful getting your loved one to all their appointments. Also, every transplant recipient’s recovery period is different. It might take longer for your loved one to be able to fend for themselves. Some transplant recipients also experience multiple rejection episodes that can require a lot of back and forth to the hospital.

In addition to the risk of rejection, depression and other swings of emotion are common in transplant recipients during the first year. This can sometimes affect the recipient’s compliance with their medication.

With all the added stress and the pressure that you may feel to make sure your loved one stays healthy and takes their medication, you may experience symptoms of depression yourself. It’s important that you reach out to your family, support groups, or your transplant team if you or your loved one is experiencing any of symptoms or if you need help in general.